Attendance Management System based on Cloud Computing
Case Study “Smart Kinta” in Singapore


Bakery Industry

- Business Description

DONQ (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. started bakery business in Kobe, Japan in 1905 and are known as the first bakery in Japan to make and sell authentic French bread. In Singapore, they have 3 brands : “DONQ”, “Johan” and “Mini One”. They have been expanding their business overseas and their breads are loved by the customers in Japan and in abroad.

at Takashimaya Singapore

at Isetan Singapore (Westgate)

We supply tasty bread !!

What makes you interested in the time attendance system?

We have a lot of troublesome issues before implementation of attendance management system.
When we used the time card, we had to check the missing data and transfer data to spreadsheet. We spent a lot of time wasteful work.
Then, we found the advertisement of "Smart Kinta" proven solution in Japan and Singapore and decided to implement.

Reasons we choose “Smart Kinta”

  • Since "Smart Kinta" is a cloud software, we can manage attendance data anywhere and anytime.
  • “Smart Kinta” can work with Palm Vein Reader which is more suitable than Fingerprint Reader, because we knead bread.

Image of “Smart Kinta”

Expectations on AIS

By implementing “Smart Kinta”, we have achieved paperless operation.
Now we would like to handle other issue by using web basis payslip in preparation for staff increase.
We just implemented “Smart Kinta”, but are quite satisfied with AIS Support. “Smart Kinta” is very flexible.
We expect further assistance from AIS.

Checking data by Smartphone

Simple operation is important, because we use the system everyday. "Smart Kinta" is compatible with smartphone as well.
Staff can check their data easily by smartphone. Now both company and staff can check attendance data in real time.

Before and after

Clocking by Timecard
Check Missing Data and Absence Data
Transfer Card Data to Spreadsheet
Create Data for Payslip in Spreadsheet
Send the Data to Payroll Outsourcing Company
Clocking by Palm Vein Reader
Check data by Smartphone
Auto Summary Generation
Output the Data to Spreadsheet
Send the Data to Payroll Outsourcing Company



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