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What is the “Smart Kinta”?


“Smart Kinta” is the Cloud Human Resource Software made in Japan.
It is the all-in-one system that supports approval flow and interface with payroll system.
It supports the automatic calculation of overtime and late-in/early-out.
Moreover, it can manage leave, business trip, simple claim, overtime application, and more various application items.

Cloud HR Software Key Features

Cloud HR Software is the flexible software that supports Staff Management and HR work on the website.
Key Features: Anytime! Anywhere! Various Devices! Access by Multiple Places! Real Time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the key feature of "Smart Kinta" ?

A1: "Smart Kinta" is based on Cloud Computing. The high-spec and high-cost server is NOT necessary. It is very easy to be implemented.

A2: "Smart Kinta" is the all-in-one system that assists your HR work efficiently and effectively.

A3: The customization is available based on your business requirements even though it is the cloud system.

Q: What is the benefit of “Smart Kinta”?

A1: It does NOT require any special installation. "Smart Kinta" is usable as long as you have an internet connection.

A2: You can get the better picture of staff overtime work and attendance status in real time. Operation Efficiency will go up. Overwork will be prevented.

A3: No high-spec and high-cost server required! No IT specialist required! You still can use "Smart Kinta." It will save operating costs and labor costs.

A4: You can start to use “Smart Kinta” for a small number of branches.
According to your business, the number of users can be adjustable.

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