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Leave of “Smart Kinta”

If you use the paper application format, you need to key in manually and to get approval from the superiors with their signature.
Moreover, HR department needs to do a lot of calculations for managing the taken and balance leave.
Then, you still need to keep the application paper!

“Smart Kinta” will support your management of taken and balance leave.
It has the function to output the taken leave schedule in spreadsheet format.

Do you have a hard time using the current system or doing the current HR work?

Do not know when staff took leave and how many days they took.
There is a cheating risk because of spreadsheet used.
Very troublesome to create leave schedule.
Takes time to file application paper.
Current system does not support muti-approval.
(e.g. 1st approver: Manager, 2nd approver: General Manager)
>"Smart Kinta" will solve your headaches!

Application Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does "Smart Kinta" support the approval flow?
A1: Yes, “Smart Kinta” has 3 types of approval flow ("Multi Stage Approval", "Multi at Once Approval", "Multi Single Approval")
You can set up multiple approvers.

Q: What type of applications can we set up?
A1: “Smart Kinta” supports various applications such as leave, overtime, business trip, claim. Moreover, you can set up special application such as business card application.

Q: Does "Smart Kinta" have access authority setting for each level or staff?
A1: Yes, you can set up the access authority according to the tile and department.
Also, you can set up it by level such as manager level, staff level, part time level, and more.

Q: Can we put any remark (e.g. reason) on the application?
A1: Of course. If you would like to have an additional item in application form, please contact us.

For more detailed information, please contact us !