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E-Time Attendance

Time Attendance of “Smart Kinta”

With the punch card operation, it takes time to check attendance data and missing data.
Moreover, it is not easy to input the information to spreadsheet!
“Smart Kinta” helps you to calculate overtime, late-in/early-out, and more.
If you like to use spreadsheet, Spreadsheet Output Function is available.
“Smart Kinta” will prevent human error and reduce your working time!

Do you have a hard time using the current system or doing the current HR work?

For Example,
The internet connection failure disturbs you to check attendance data and missing data.
Fingerprint reader often fails to capture your fingerprint.
It takes time to input the data into the system by manual.
It is hard to check who is assigned to the job and how many overtime hours they took in real time.
>"Smart Kinta" will solve your headaches!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of industry does "Smart Kinta" support?

A1: "Smart Kinta" can be used for any industry. We have supported more than 250 companies in various industries.
A2: For more details, please check the following:
Case Study: Trading Industry
Case Study: Hair Removal Salon Industry
Case Study: Bakery industry

Q: What type of clocking devices are available for “Smart Kinta”?

A1: Web - You can use Web Browser to clock in/out.
A2: Smartphone - You can use Smartphone to clock in/out.
(GPS Tracking is AVAILABLE and does NOT require any installation.)
A3: Fingerprint Reader - This device can prevent Cheating!
A4: Palm Vein Reader - This device can prevent Cheating!
A5: Card Reader - You can tap card to clock in/out.
A6: Password - You can set up your password and use it to clock in/out.
A7: If you would like to use other device, please contact us.

Q: Can we use "Smart Kinta" under unstable internet connection?
A1: No problem! "Smart Kinta" has Offline Clocking Function as standard.
When the device connects the internet, it will transfer the data to "Smart Kinta" automatically.

For more detailed information, please contact us!