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Maritime Solutions

TRANS-Series, Maritime ERP Solution from Japan to support business of shipping companies expanding their business on a world wide scale

Introduction of TRAN-Series

AIS Maritime Solution Singapore Pte. Ltd. (AISMSS) provides consistent service from Requirement Definition through interviewing, System Design, Coding, Data Migration, Education, Support for Production Run, Operation and Maintenance in Singapore and Japan.

Product Key Features

1. Enhanced Maritime ERP Solutions

Each system is a web-based package having compatibility with Multi-Currency and Multiple Business Locations and developed based on considerable implementation experiences of package and know-how of shipping companies including Ship owners, Ship operators and Ship management companies.

2. System Implementation in stages

Gradual implementation in sub-module package for specified business can be performed to restrain an initial implementation cost and improve the efficiency.

3. Flexible Customization

We can customize variety of business forms and interface development with other existing or newly adopted systems.

4. Easy Implementation in a Short Period

TRANS-Series is suitable for the company operating business assumed to be within the scope of TRANS-Series standard business workflow and requiring no additional development.

TRANS-Series System Configuration Diagram

TRANS-Series system configuration diagram