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TRANS-Account is a strategic maritime accounting system developed based on considerable implementation experiences of package and know-how of shipping companies in Singapore and Japan.

Accounting System Outline

(1) Multi-Currency and Multiple Business Locations

TRANS-Account is compatible with recording of foreign currency transaction and balance management by the currency required in shipping companies. Language setting in English or Japanese can be performed by the user. Users can use TRANS-Account globally as “Group Standardized Accounting System” from multiple business locations.

(2) Support for IFRS(SFRS) and Internal Controls

TRANS-Account supports accounting processing based on IFRS(SFRS) besides Japanese GAAP and Internal controls strongly required in public company accounting.

(3) Specialization for maritime industry

TRANS-Account is specially designed for business flows in shipping companies expanding their business on a worldwide scale and various useful functions are equipped as standard functions.

TRANS-Account System Configuration

GL System as a core module has interface with sub-modules and they can be implemented gradually for specific business to restrain an initial implementation cost and improve the efficiency. TRANS-Account also can import data exported from external systems by the slip type through Journal Interface.


Product Key Features

(1) Journal Entry Support Functions

(2) Internal Control Support Functions

(3) Group Accounting Function
This support function is specially designed for accounting department in ship operating company which established special purpose companies owing flag of convenience vessels (S.P.C companies) and perform its accounting processing.

(4) Flexible Summary for Managerial Reporting
TRANS-Account can have multiple chart of accounts for reporting to prepare managerial accounting report easily by users .

(5) Management Codes
Balance management can be performed by 6 management codes like Vessel, Voyage No., Loading Port, Discharging Port, Cargo and Vessel Type defined from business requirements in shipping companies without additional development cost.

(6) Descriptive Fields
3 kinds of descriptive fields support recording of additional information besides amount information as “journal memo information”.

If you're seeking better solution for vessel accounting processing including journalizing for fund receipt from ship owners, management and settlement of owner's account and SOA reporting for respective owner, TRANS-Account BS offset function under GL module and Group accounting module which support auto-journalizing intercompany transactions between ship management company and ship owners(considered as group companies in the system) maybe cater to effectiveness and optimization in your current work processing.


Sales Performance

Considerable implementation records for worldwide shipping companies including
Japanese shipping companies in Japan and Singapore - Over 20% member
companies of The Japanese Shipowner's Association (JSA).