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TRANS-Liner is a system maximizing accuracy & efficiency of information gathering between liner company and shipping agents and supporting Booking and B/L Management.

H igh-functioning and various tariff management

Management for a huge number of freight tarffif data which consists of Ports and Cargo types, is assisted through various ways of data entry.

1. Excel Import Function
Users don't need to be aware of master code at the time of inputting, because options of Port and Cargo type are reflected onto Excel import format from the master. An enormous volume of information can be edited easily.

2. Batch Registration/Edit Function
Information on rate change of surcharge and batch updating for multiple tariff in same shipping route can be updated effectively. In addition, respective tariff can be edited and confirmed individually.

B ooking Management Function

Booking information registered by respective shipping agent can be grasped at all times and stowage information can be prepared based on this information.
Updated information can be monitored in real time and effective correspondence with respective shipping agent can be conducted.

1. Excel Import Function
Booking information can be imported in bulk in case of data import on an enormous volume of booking information.

2.Booking Batch Registration/Edit Function
Workload can be rapidly reduced through batch change of information including booking status on same shipper and switching of operating vessels.

3.Analysis of Booking Information
Dimension list and cargo & freight forecast by Vessel, Voyage, Loading and Discharging Port for preparing stowage plan based on booking information registered can be exported.

B/L Management Function

1. S/O Distribution & Import Function
Data entry can be perofrmed easily with Input candidate including Vessel and Port retrieved from the master on the system.
Data imported can be utilized for B/L data creation directly.

2. B/L Update Announcement Function
The system announces B/L information change including data revision and change to surrendered B/L to shipping agents.

3. Shipping Documents Issuing Function
Shipping documents including S/O, M/R, B/L, A/N, D/O and manifest required for customs clearance can be exported at respective shipping agent and affiliated company.

Freight Settlement Function

1. Receiving and Settlement of Freight Function
Receiving of freight between shipping agent and shipper/consignee and information gathering on status of freight receiving can be proceeded in real time for freight and surcharges recorded in B/L information.
Settlement process between shipping agents and liner company is proceeded based on information of receiving input by respective shipping agent.

2. Seamless Interface to Accounting System
Accounting process related to daily work from slip creation to receipts and disbursement can be accomplished effectively through recording of trust account and receiving and payment trans-actions with bank by seamless interface to "TRANS-Account", maritime accounting system. Seamless interface to other accounting system can also be designed.

B/L Information Analysis Function

User can slice and dice figures of cargo quantity, freight and charges with B/L actual data and output analysis report by Shipper, Vessel, Voyage, Loading Port and Discharging Port.
Reports can be exported in Excel format besides PDF format, so flexible data processing can be performed.