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TRANS-Owner is a financial projection system based on information of shipbuilding contract, loan contract, charter party, budget for vessel's cost, estimated depreciation cost and simulation factors, throughout life cycle of a vessel from shipbuilding to disposal by sale for ship owners enhancing a fleet and expanding its revenue.

Financial Projection System Outline

1. Highly Accurate Financial Projection

Enhancement of a fleet is required for ship owners to expand its revenue. However, building new ship requires huge investment and making a decision for capital recovery over a long period of time from long-term perspectives. TRANS-Owner is solution to provide highly accurate financial projection effectively.

2. Flexible Simulation Factors

Effect on profit & loss and cash flow can be grasped by changing factors of charter hire earning, interest rate on loans, service life of a vessel for decision-making. Simulation for capital recovery can be accomplished based on consideration of disposal by sale according to market condition of vessels.

3. Seamless Interface with TRANS-Account

TRANS-Owner is specially designed for ship owners’ business and has a seamless interface with a strategic maritime accounting system, “TRANS-Account”, which leads to effective and efficient account processing for a series of business processes in Ship Owner.

TRANS-Owner System Configuration

*** TRANS-Owner requires FA, LM, TC and VC systems besides accounting system including TRANS-Account.

Product Key Features

Vessel's Cost Management System (VC)

TRANS-Owner Vessel's Cost Management System (VC Module) supports budget, Actual and Budget Variance Control for vessel's cost separately from in-house arrangement and that through a ship manager company.